Multi-award winner Andrew “Redhorse” Alvarez was born in 1953, in New Mexico of Apache and Colleville descent.

Andrew has a passion for American turquoise, rare stones such as Lander Blue, Indian Mountain, and Bisbee Blue. His family jokes “he has blue blood running through his veins.” He says “Yes ~ Turquoise Blue.” When he started collecting as a boy, his mother quipped ~ “You’ve got rocks all right, rocks in your head.” She would be amazed at today’s value of the turquoise.

A self-taught jeweler, Andrew has drawn upon his designs from his Mother’s Apache ancestry. Apaches are not known for silver work. Andrew searched for his own style, contemporary, yet traditional flair using silver, gold, diamonds, colored stones and tufa casting. His jewelry reflects the natural textures of the tufa stone, a chalk-like stone, which gives it a natural finish. All his work is a vision of his dreams; the next morning he cannot wait to build the next designs. His designs are personal and he wonders who will be the next to wear the next one of a kind piece of jewelry, which is the excitement of his Apache legacy.


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