Cody Hunter lives at the mouth of Canyon de Chelly by Chinle, Arizona with his wife and 3 children near where he grew up. As a child he spent many hours on foot and on horseback exploring the vast canyon, and it is the images of Canyon de Chelly that are found on his jewelry.

In highschool Cody studied woodworking and metalworking and his talent was recognized in the many awards he received for creative design. Moving to gold and silversmithing became a natural extension. He had planned to be an educator and attended college for 2 years but soon had to drop out to earn money. He began silversmithing full-time and has not looked back.

Cody traces his patterns freehand from images in his head; hogans, horses on the mesa, canyon walls and the petroglyphs, a storyteller teaching children. When he is not making jewelry he can be found at the rodeo, his second great passion.


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