The Most Fabulous Native American Jewelry.

Showcasing superb American Indian jewelry is the hallmark of Waddell Gallery.  Located in historic Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona, the gallery dates its origins back three generations to the 1930s when a small family-owned trading post in Gallup, New Mexico evolved into the premier Native American jewelry gallery in the country.

Waddell Gallery prides itself on having a unique jewelry selection that stresses quality, beauty and authenticity. The current owners, Gene Waddell and his son Mike, spend considerable time acquiring the best vintage and contemporary pieces. They view jewelry as wearable art to be used, enjoyed and collected by the most discerning clients.

Today’s Southwestern Native Americans create some of the finest and most innovative jewelry in the world, and Waddell Gallery presents a wide range of work by the established masters as well as gifted younger artists. In addition, the Waddells commission pieces from the top artists using gem quality materials and turquoise. Thanks to its long association with turquoise mining and marketing, the family has access to the finest stones. Gene is a leading expert in the turquoise trade and has been an owner of the Lone Mountain turquoise mine since 1979.

In recent years, Waddell Gallery has participated in numerous museum shows around the country including Glittering World: Navajo Jewelry and the Yazzie Family at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian-NY and  Totems to Turquoise at the American Museum of Natural History.

Because the family has such an eye for quality and authenticity, both artists and clients appreciate Waddell Gallery for its cultural integrity. They stand behind each piece they sell.


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