Eveli Sabatie Eveli Sabatie was born and raised in Morocco. She came to the United States to teach, but was charmed by the then-burgeoning artist Charles Loloma. Loloma is perhaps one of the most famous Hopi jewelers of all time, and he convinced Eveli to move to the Hopi nation to live and work with him. His teaching had a profound influence on her work. She apprenticed with Loloma alongside Verma Nequatewa and soon began to make jewelry with her own distinct perspective and style. She lived in Hopi from 1968-1972. Her work had a huge influence on Loloma as well because of the materials she used and her unique sense of design. She became a famous artist in her own right after leaving Hopi, showing all over the Southwest and exhibiting at the Wheelwright in Santa Fe, New Mexico.