In the summer of 1972, Herbert Taylor decided to learn silversmithing as a means to buy his Olds Delta 88  a new set of tires.  The decision changed his life.  His sister, Anita Gene, helped him get started.  He made a bracelet with five turquoise cabs, selling it for enough money to buy his tires.  He was a weekend jeweler, until 1984, when he committed himself fulltime.  In 1988, he began working in gold.  He stamped and fabricated his work by hand, using traditional techniques.  Many of his gold masterpieces are set with the finest Lander Blue, Number 8 and other natural turquoise.  In 1992, Dina Huntinghorse, his wife, wrote a beautiful profile on Herbert for Focus magazine.  Herbert passed away, but lives on through his work.

Herbert won over 100 ribbons including a “Best of Show” at the Heard Museum Show in Phoenix, AZ and Southwest Museum Show in Los Angeles, CA.

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