Navajo silversmith, Kee Nez, is a member of the Many-Goats clan and is from an artistic family. His mother is a rug weaver and his grandfather was a silversmith, but he credits his award-winning brother, Al Nez, with influencing his style. Kee uses 14K gold and sterling silver to create his stunning handcrafted surface design on bolas, rings, pendants, and earrings. He often uses sandcasting techniques to produce each item and many times uses the finest American turquoise or richly colored coral as a focal point on the piece. Kee was featured in Arizona Highways in the article “A New Generation of Indian Artists” and has several pieces showcased in the books, Enduring Traditions and Navajo Indian Jewelry by Jerry and Lois Jacka. He has garnered numerous awards at Gallup, New Mexico’s Annual Intertribal Ceremonial.


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