Lester Jackson was born on the Navajo reservation at Indian Wells, Arizona May 5, 1951. He was raised there by his parents Stella and Ghee Thomas along with his seven brothers and sisters. As a young boy he watched his mother, Stella, weave tradition rugs which she sold to provide for the family. By the age of six, he was sent to boarding school where he finished the 8th grade. Later he traveled to Oklahoma to complete high school. During this time he spent nine months away and summers at home on the reservation. Preferring life on the reservation, he set off as a young man in 1972 for Holbrook, Arizona determined to learn silversmithing so he could work from home. He began this journey by first learning to work with silver by cutting out piece work from sheets of silver. Through observation and the use of traditional hand made tools, it wasn’t long before Lester picked up the craft and perfected it. If you ask Lester he will humbly tell you he is still learning. To this day Lester still makes jewelry for Indian traders off the reservation and enjoys the independence of working out of his home while spending time with his wife Sally, six children and seven grandchildren. He hopes that one day his grandchildren will keep the legacy alive.