Michael Perry, born in Ft DFefiance,Az in 1976 on the Navajo Reservation. Son of Johnny and Betty Harvey now living in Nazlini, Arizona on his small ranch raising his family. He puts out jewelry from his studio located next to his horse coral. I started making jewelry while going to school for my construction management degree. While going to school and working several different jobs i made jewelry to make extra money to support my family. Not having much time to make jewelry or to do shows. Buyers would often enter my pieces at shows winning several first places. I decided to persue making jewelry fulltime. With alot of trail and error wondering how different astist created such master pieces and finding my own tricks along the way. My list of inspirational artist begin with the late Charles Loloma, Herbert Taylor and others great artist such as Arland Ben, Verma Nequatewa, Raymond Yazzie, Lee Yazzie, James Little and Don Supplee. Friends and fellow artists like Cody Sanderson, Pat Pruitt, Darryl Dean Begay and Tony Abeita who’s work and advise i use in every piece i make. ” everyone piece of jewelry i make takes a piece of me and my children, my biggest inspration”