Mitchell Sockyma was born in Hopiland in 1942 and spent his childhood in the third Mesa village of Hotevilla. In 1973, he landed a job at the Hopi Crafts Shop, a workshop and studio new his home where his two older brothers were also silversmiths. Over the years, Mitchell has expanded his range of skills, including soldering 14k gold onto silver, which embellishes the traditional Hopi symbols he uses. As a member of the Corn Clan, his use of corn stalks is important, as is the Kokopelli, turtles, bear paws, and claws and wave designs. Unlike many other Hopi artists, he combines several of these design elements into one piece. He also incorporates brightly colored gemstones, natural turquoise, lapis and coral into the design. Considered one of the finest contemporary Hopi jewelers today, Mitchell has won numerous awards for his stunning pieces’ from the Northern Arizona Museum and Gallup, New Mexico’s Annual Intertribal Ceremonial. He still resides with his family in Hopiland where he maintains a lifestyle in which art and beauty are intertwined with his Hopi religion and values in his everyday life.


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