Olin Justin Byron Tsingine was born in Phoenix , Az October 21, 1975 and was raised in Tuba City , Az.  He is both Hopi and Navajo. Olin’s mother is Hopi and is from First Mesa, her clan is Massau’u. Olin’s father is Hopi and Navajo.  His paternal grandmother is from Hotevilla , Az and her clan is Rabbit / Tobacco. His paternal grandfather is from Coppermine , Az.  Olin loves the fact that he is both Hopi and Navajo. He has a big family and many places he calls home. Growing up  in Tuba City he was an hour away from First Mesa,  where he was influenced by famous potters, basket weavers, and the kachina dances. He was also an hour away from sheepcamp in Coppermine where he learned  to calf rope, brand cattle, and herd sheep.  The jewelry Olin creates is both Hopi and Navajo, like Olin himself.  He likes to tufa cast and does his own lapidary work.Olin currently  lives in Phoenix, Az with his wife of 5 yrs.  He has two older sisters and a brother that also live in the Phoenix area. His parents  still live in Tuba City in the house he was raised in.