Roderick Tenorio expresses his appreciation for the fruitfulness of the earth in his “Gentle Rain” jewelry collection. Roderick’s trademark symbols, comprised of 14 karat gold and etched sterling silver represent the rain katcina, the sun, moon, and sacred corn. Roderick took home the Best of show award at the 2001 Eight Northern Indian Pueblo Arts and Crafts Fair for his outstanding gold concho belt, which has won major awards at other shows throughout the southwest over the past year.

Roderick Tenorio is an award winning Santo Domingo artist. A 1981 graduate of the Institute of American Indian Arts, Roderick is accomplished in sculpture, painting and music. Roderick’s unique symbolic interpretation and high degree of detail have earned him jewelry awards at Santa Fe Indian Market, Eight Northern Indian Pueblos Show, the New Mexico State Fair, and the Gallup Inter-Tribal Ceremonials, including the prestigious “Best of Show”.

Roderick loves doing what he does. “I’m a very lucky man,” he says quietly. “I was born with a certain amount of talent in art, and I had family, friends and teachers who encouraged me to develop my abilities. Today, I have the advantage of incorporating many centuries of tribal history, religion, myths and characters into my designs. I’m far less interested in defining my jewelry as traditional or contemporary than I am in striving for beauty…and I’m willing to let my work follow any direction needed to realize that end.”